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Principal's Word

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Wai Keung, Principal and Parent

Whenever I shared with my family above my school activities, my two sons, especially the younger one, always gazed at me with curiosity and admiration. One day I asked my young son, “Are you happy at school? How do you get along with your teachers and classmates?” He did not answer directly, but gave me a look full of frustrated. No wonder he always came home with despair and tire. From that time on, my wife and I had been discussing seriously about the studying environments of our son.

When I decided to be the principal of Ka Chi, I made my commitment to God that I would try my best to make Ka Chi to be the best school in this district. Or, to be more specific, my wish is to make Ka Chi into a campus full of love. I believe love is the greatest power that can change everything.

After one year, the staff team and I endeavoured zealously through various policies and programms to turn Ka Chi into a family of love. Seeing that all my staff members have been dedicated to teaching and caring for students, I have confidence that here in Ka Chi we are offering what a parent wants his child would get at school. Therefore I discussed with my son about transferring to Ka Chi, and he accepted promptly and with great anticipation.

Now I have a double identity: principal and parent. This allows me to have deeper reflection and greater expectation for my ministry here, as this is not only the place I work, but also the school where my son is nurtured. It is my sincere hope that we can work collaboratively to make Ka Chi into a school filled with love.

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