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Speech Festival

1st place

Each year our students take part in the English Speech Festival to strengthen their public speaking skills. Among all the participants, Gurung Kamala was honorably awarded the champion of the competition. Being a first-time attendant, she showed no fear in her performance and finally defeated other candidates. Her great articulation, affectionate expression and unerring interpretation of the meaning of the poem were highly acclaimed by the adjudicator as ‘creating a moody poem’.

The followings are the outstanding performance of our students in the past few years:

2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
Non-open solo verse
speaking: 26 students
Champion: 1 student
Merits: 14 students
Proficiency: 14 students
Non-open solo verse
speaking: 38 students
3rd prize: 1 student
Merits: 23 students
Proficiency: 14 students
Non-open solo verse speaking
speaking: 26 students
2nd prize: 1 / 3rd price: 2
Merits: 18
Proficiency: 3 students

Speech Festival Photo 1


2nd & 3rd Place


Succeeding to the experience from the previous success, our students have found a right direction to develop and enhance their speech deliverance in the later competition. This year, one of our students Asmah Bibi gained 2nd place (on the left) and two others, Sumbal Rai (on the middle) and Kwok Hei Lam (on the right) gained 3rd place in speech festival. Two of them were invited to deliver their speech in front of our students and teachers as an acknowledgement of their effort.

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