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Educational Blueprint

Our Mission

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School exists to prepare students for service and leadership through a commitment to excellence by providing the best in spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development, based on a solid foundation of Christian principles and practices.

Our Basic Principles

In fulfilling our vision, we keep to the following four basic principles:

1. Knowledge: Teaching with Academic Professionalism

  • Enhancing teachers’ professional skills and attitudes through communal lesson preparations, peer lesson observations, open classes, etc.
  • Developing the leadership of middle management through bottom-up decision making
  • Encouraging teachers’ creativity through appreciation of their initiative and innovation.

Care: Caring with the Heart of Parents

  • Caring for students’ development through the vertical dimension of Student Union and Houses as well the horizontal dimension of Form Associations.
  • Keeping in contact with parents for the betterment of school policies.
  • Inviting external bodies and visitors to monitor our quality of education.

3. Student-centre: Thinking from the Perspective of Students

  • Treasuring students’ opinions, allowing them to be involved in setting school policies.
  • Treasuring students’ feelings, delivering value education in modes suitable to them.
  • Treasuring students’ experiences, designing lessons and teaching materials in accordance with their abilities and needs.
  • Treasuring students’ multiple intelligences, allowing them to choose from subjects and activities according to their abilities and interests.

4. Spirit-led: Strengthened by Jesus Christ

  • Attaching importance to worship, praise, thanksgiving and prayer.
  • Collaborating with churches so that each student is being taken care of by a local church.

Theory & Praxis on Learning and Teaching

Theory & Praxis on Student Development

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