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English Fun Days


With the festive sounds of Christmas carols echoing in the corridors, we had the pleasure of welcoming 39 students and two teachers from our neighbouring school, Lau Tak Yung primary school to our annual P6 English Fun Day and Rainbow Land.

Throughout the morning, with the able assistance of our wonderful Ka Chi English Ambassadors, our visitors were able to take part in many enjoyable English activities which were educational to both the mind and the soul.  Highlights included ‘Let the Earth recover’ which emphasised the importance of recycling, ‘Marvelous Eyes’ which showed how we see and ‘Spiritual Warfare’ which focused on our souls.  Students could also demonstrate their English prowess in the area of countries and nationalities by joining in some of the games in the English Room.

For every activity in which the P6 students took part, they were rewarded with stamps which they could redeem upon departure at the ever popular Gift Corner.  After two joyous hours, our guests, laden down with their prizes were farewelled.

The morning was a great success and would not have been possible were it not for the help of the wonderful English ambassadors and their teachers.  Thank you to everyone for the energy they foster, both in themselves and others.


Rainbowland1 Rainbowland3

25th Anniversary English Fun Day& Primary School Student Visit


The song “The power of dream” symbolized the beginning of our 25th Anniversary English Fun Day. Eight booths were set up to create a carnival English atmosphere for our students to immerse themselves into.

Throughout the day, our students enjoyed numerous English activities which were valuable to both their knowledge and spirit. ‘Alien Master Chef’ enabled students to create their own dishes following the guidance of an English menu; ‘Bible Reading’ brought students to a world of bible verses composed of a block of stones; ‘Face paintings’ provided them with a variety of make-ups with designs and ‘Super TV’ challenged the depth of their vocabulary bank.

In response to the great success of the Fun day, all the games and activities were later re-organized in the newly renovated library to host a group of little guests from a primary school. With the generous assistance of the Canadian students voluntarily serving as the host of each game, these activities were all proven meaningful by the smiley shown on students’ face. Happiness is obviously the most common thing shared by students across all age and culture!


25th01 25th02
25th03 25th04

25th05 25th07

Riddle Game

“Why is ‘heat’ faster than ‘cold’?” “Um…..” “It is because you can catch a cold!!” Students kept scratching their head and could barely laugh when they finally came up with the answers of a series of brain twister questions. In late January, different strings of riddles were hoisted up, in a bid to test Ka Chi students’ understanding on the colloquial use of English Language. Driven by their curiosity, students are so eager to suggest all sorts of creative answers. At the end, laughter was the usual thing shown on students’ faces. Whether it is to showcase their ingenuity for getting the right answer or their ignorance for getting the wrong one is, however, another riddle.

riddle01 riddle02

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