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English Collaborative Writing project

PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School and the University of Hong Kong have carried out a two-year partnership project, namely “Writing in Genres, Scaffolding Genres”. This project is led by Dr. Angel Lin and her research associate Ms Tracy Cheung, with the funding of $ 281,000 sponsored by the Refined English Enhancement Scheme (REES).

This collaborative project aims to help and scaffold students and teachers to acquire knowledge and skills to use English as the medium of instruction to learn or teach academic subjects.  Different innovative teaching principles are applied in the design of the school-based writing curriculum, such as use of multiple resources including visuals, graphic organizers and popular cultural resources, designing high-support scaffolding tasks with strategies of message amplification rather than message simplification.

By the end of the project, it is anticipated that both students and teachers will have increased awareness of the language demands and needs involved in learning writing skills in English, and improved writing ability among students.

Teaching Materials include:




English Enhancement Courses

F.1 English Orientation


Teaching Materials include:

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F.6 Oral Practices

A series of intensive courses were tailored-made for the students sitting for the public exam this year. In addition to the normal curriculum, F. 6 Oral Practices were especially designed for students to aid them in achieving their full potential. In each Friday session, students were exposed to comprehensive question analysis to tackle past paper speaking practices. Group Discussion skills including various communication strategies and paraphrasing others’ opinion were drilled in order to raise students’ sensitivity and awareness in an exam situation.

During the practice sessions, a public exam-like environment was built. This competitive and authentic atmosphere bolstered students’ morale to aim for their best.  Thanks to the ongoing guidance from the teachers, the students’ hard work proved rewarding as they now feel much more comfortable in sitting for their speaking exams. After all, it is confidence that drives students toward success. We wish all the best for our Ka Chi candidates!

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Getting to know more about

“Getting to know more about” is a series of English Enhancement courses which aim at helping our junior form students build up a solid foundation of English vocabulary in the non-language field, such as Information Technology and design, Arts and Aesthetic Education. The courses are classified into different levels and the following outcomes could be achieved at the end of each course:

  1. To assist students’ pronunciation and spelling of words for the targeted words.
  2. To facilitate students’ competence in applying the words acquired in the course to the particular tasks. Emphasis will be placed on making comparison of the data.
  3. To trigger students’ interest in learning vocabulary themselves through the technique of mnemonic and phonetic clues.

Teaching Materials include:


Making Friends with Phonics

“Making Friends with Phonics” is another series of course designed to increase students’ awareness towards the ways words are pronounced. The syllabus covers the following areas:

  1. Short and long vowels
  2. Consonants
  3. Syllables
  4. Rhyming

Teaching Materials include:




Hong Kong Teachers' Exchange Activities to the Mainland

Our English teacher, Ms. Chow, was one of the Hong Kong English teachers (exchange teachers) selected to take part in a Pilot Scheme on Hong Kong Teachers’ Exchange Activities to the Mainland.

One of the major events in the Pilot Scheme was a school visit which aimed at enriching participants’ understanding of the Hong Kong English curriculum, including the rationale and key features of the local English curriculum and enhancing their professional capacity in English learning and teaching.

It was our honour to have some English teachers from Mainland China to visit our school, to observe our lessons and to share their pedagogical methods of English teaching and learning with us.

After the visit, our English teacher, Ms Chow, went to a secondary school in Sanshui to have lessons with the local students with the purpose of enhancing their incentives in learning English.

The Scheme was definitely a valuable learning opportunity for all parties involved and we would like to show our gratitude to the EDB for organizing this program. As professional teachers, we always look forward to participating in similar kinds of exchange programs whenever possible as we believe drawing upon each other’s strengths equips us in becoming better educators.

Photos taken at our school:



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