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4. “Ezra” Project on development of new teaching materials
a. Development of online self-learning materials
A lot of students cannot catch up with what teachers have delivered in lessons. They are eager to seek help but teachers find there are no sufficient time and means to have individual instruction. Those who are financially viable can look for private tutors to keep the learning in progress. But however, most students of our school cannot afford them. We then have a project on development of on-line self-learning curricula that make study at home possible. Students can study themselves on their own pace as well as in accordance with their ability. If students are absent from class, they can compensate the lessons from learning on-line programs and avoid lagging behind. The self-learning program involves many subdivided topics, which are taught and analyzed meticulously and videotaped to form a movie of several minutes to upload in the internet for students to download.

b. Development mobile apps on learning
To cope with the versatile uses of cell phone, we plan to develop free mobile apps for students to download the on-line teaching lessons, ready for revision and discussion anywhere.

c. Open resources for the public
We wish our plan can be open to public involved in education. This can not only save money from tutorship but also be employed in classrooms to open up a new world of teaching experience.
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