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3. “Daniel” Project on academic enhancement
a. Students buying books for the library
For students to enjoy reading, a state-of-the-arts library has been established thanks for the generous donation. Besides that we are also donated to let students buy books from the flagship bookstore to enrich the storage of knowledge in the school library. We still need more fund to promote the learning atmosphere and upgrade the storage of learning materials by helping students purchase books continually.

b. Computers borrowing service
In this information age, students cannot help leaving the digital world to acquire up-to-date knowledge, as we have encouraged them to use internet resources wisely. To enhance learning effectiveness, the on-line reading platform and question bank are the major tools for students. As some of students cannot afford to have personal computers their self-study at home is more or less hindered, the school wishes to buy a certain amount of note-book computers for them to borrow and use for learning.

c. Ex-territorial excursions
It is better to travel a long way than to read a lot, as it goes more suitably for those students of lower motivation to learning. We hope that students go beyond borders, mainland China or overseas, to have some excursions and hence to enhance their learning interest and capacity. The most in need to arouse learning are always those in need of financial assistance. Therefore we hope that we can give them a whole subsidy to take part in excursions.

d. Reading camps
We are going to plan reading camps to arouse the students interesting in reading and promote them to have quality reading. Besides providing opportunities for students to enjoy reading, we will invite some well-known writers and star teachers to the camps to share with them the joy of reading.

e. Training workshops
The learning styles fall into four categories, namely visual learners, auditory learners, reading-writing preference learners and kinesthetic learners. Our students generally are not favourable for reading- writing style. As the students are greatly diversified in the learning style, how can we devise a learning model to suit for them all? We hope to let the student understand their learning style through a series of training courses. As a result students can get the best way to have effective learning.Students usually forget what they have just learned. What was learned just two or three days ago becomes total loss. By providing training courses in memory, we hope the students can be guided to convert short-term memory to long-term memory. As a consequence the memory problems and difficulties encountered in learning can be resolved, with the enhancement in learning effectiveness, confidence and interests.
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