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“Timothy” Project on life nourishment
a. Leadership training programs
It is not easy to be a leader given that our students have low self-esteem. Still we have a dream to cultivate them as the backbone of our society. We put much effort to devise leadership training programs for them. For students up from form three are encouraged to participate in the programs, which include adventure and camping activities, under supervision of trainers from social service organizations. Our students will become confident to be well equipped citizens after experiencing the school leadership activities and joining the leadership training programs.

b. Character building programs
Only when students have a good character can they be the hope of the society. Every year we put up a school theme of character building that suits to the current situation in the school. We invite experienced social service organization to devise various adventurous character building programs applicable to different forms. Also we provide training course to teachers to guide the students of different forms, in complement with form activities. Altogether then we can build up the good character of whole school students.

c. Growth camps for each form
The class management policy has been implemented in our school for many years. One of the most effective programs is the growth camp of each form. In the span of three days students accompanied by the class teachers reconstruct their values and living habits. The teacher-student relationship has been fostered as well. But camping fee becomes formidable for some students. It is hoped that we have enough fund to assist those in need and give to all a quality learning activity.

d. One sport/arts in life
To promote confidence of those weak in academic performance it is futile to put pressure on them only in the aspect of academic achievement. Once they build up confidence on one of several activates, it is possible they can be guided to get better in study. We hence have a plan to develop the program ‘one sport/arts in life’ for the junior form students. In the aspect of sport, we promote whole school fitness class, organize many school teams of different ball games, archery, biking. We also launch the fitness programs for the whole school, and encourage students to join the competition outside school, and Chartered marathon as well. In the aspect of arts, we intend to employed tutor to conduct a three-year professional training course in arts.

e. Youth services fund
To foster students to have the will to serve the Lord, the school has led the students to take part in the summer short-term mission trip for many years. The number of participation is far from satisfactory as it is limited by the little resource. If a lot of resources are available, we wish there will be more students participating in short-term mission. We can also aid students to join the youth volunteer services organized by churches, in order to experience the whole-time service. In case some graduates want to father their study in the seminary, we like to subsidize them to support their commission to God.

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