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School Circulars
2022-01-21 (Friday)    32【Arrangements for F.1-F.5 Face-to-Face Class Suspension and F.6 Half day Face-to-Face Class】停止中一至中五面授課及中六維持半天面授課安排
2022-01-14 (Friday)    26【F.6 DSE Mock Examination】中六模擬文憑試
2022-01-07 (Friday)    22【Kachi Library Reading Assembly and Other matters】嘉智圖書館閱讀周會及其他事宜
2022-01-07 (Friday)    【Enrolment for Parent Talk】家長講座
2021-11-05 (Friday)    17【Winter School Uniform Notice】校服換季通知
2021-11-05 (Friday)    15【Cancellation of School Picnic and Flag Raising Arrangements】旅行日取消及學校升旗安排
2021-10-22 (Friday)    14【Ordering of “HKDSE 2021 Subject Examination Report and Question Papers with Marking Schemes”】 【學生訂購「2021年香港中學文憑考試考試報告及試題專輯」】
2021-10-22 (Friday)    【The 17th Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting and Parent Meeting】 Details for Online Conference 第十七屆家長教師會會員大會暨家長會 - 網上會議資訊
2021-10-22 (Friday)    13【Dress Casual Day Arrangement】公益金便服日事宜
2021-10-19 (Tuesday)    12【Order Winter School Uniform】訂製冬季校服
2021-10-15 (Friday)    【The 17th Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting and Parent Meeting】第十七屆家長教師會會員大會暨家長會
2021-09-17 (Friday)    08【F.6 make-up lesson】中六補課事宜
2021-09-17 (Friday)    07【Student Mental Health Support Scheme】醫教社同心協作計劃
2021-09-17 (Friday)    06【Newspaper Subscription】學生訂閱報章
2021-09-02 (Thursday)    02【Vaccination survey for students】學生接種疫苗調查
2021-09-02 (Thursday)    01【Important Reminders for School Opening】開學須知
2021-07-16 (Friday)    62【Summer Circular for Prospective F.2-F.6 Students】升中二至中六學生暑期通告
2021-07-13 (Tuesday)    【F.4 Summer Tutorials】中四級暑期補課
2021-07-13 (Tuesday)    【F.5 Summer Tutorials】中五級暑期補課
2021-05-28 (Friday)    50【2020-2021 Arrangements for 2nd Examination】第二次考試安排
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