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School Circulars
2019-09-17 (Tuesday)    08【F.6 Macau Tour】F.6澳門之旅
2019-09-13 (Friday)    07【School Picnic】全校秋季大旅行
2019-09-12 (Thursday)    05【Hand Foot Mouth Disease】手足口病
2019-09-02 (Monday)    04【Newspaper Subscription】學生訂閱報章
2019-09-02 (Monday)    03【School Policy of Smart Phones】智能電話校園政策
2019-09-02 (Monday)    02【Junior Form Lunch Policy】初中午膳政策
2019-09-02 (Monday)    01【Important Reminders at School Opening】新學期開始重要事項提要
2019-08-28 (Wednesday)    【Welcome Back - including Special Measures for School Commencement】新學年特別措施
2019-07-05 (Friday)    64【School Bus Service (September)】校巴服務(九月)
2019-06-12 (Wednesday)    62【Post-exam Activities】試後活動
2019-06-10 (Monday)    61【School Bus Service (July)】校巴服務(七月)
2019-05-31 (Friday)    60【F. 5 Summer Tutorial Classes】中五級暑期補課
2019-05-31 (Friday)    59【F. 4 Summer Tutorial Classes】中四級暑期補課
2019-05-31 (Friday)    58【Ordering of Summer Holiday Exercise Books for F.3 Students】中三級代訂暑期作業
2019-05-31 (Friday)    57【Ordering of Summer Holiday Exercise Books for F.2 Students】中二級代訂暑期作業
2019-05-31 (Friday)    56【Ordering of Summer Holiday Exercise Books for F.1 Students】中一級代訂暑期作業
2019-05-21 (Tuesday)    Lunch Outside scheme-For S.1 to S.3 students 午膳自由行-中一至中三同學
2019-05-24 (Friday)    55【School Bus Service (June and July)】校巴服務(六月及七月)
2019-05-23 (Thursday)    54【Arrangements for Revision Weeks】溫習雙週安排
2019-05-23 (Thursday)    53【S1-3 Updated Version of Timetable for Examination II】中一至中三第二次考試更新版
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