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High School Musical

What a dream come true! Students who participate in the English Drama Workshop are able to fulfill their desire of acting, singing and dancing all at once! Based on the ever-popular movie “High-school musical”, the theme and storyline of the drama were jointly designed by our students and tutors --- a sense of creativity and originality from our Ka Chi students!

During the workshop, a series of games were tailored-made for students to play and enjoy, while at the same time gaining exposure to the various elements of drama. Games like ‘running introduction’ and ‘improvised mini-drama’ gave students insight into their preference of different drama roles. Whether it was a main character or a supporting role, students were not merely exposed to the front stage of the play, but rather, had their talents and potential diversified through both onstage and backstage duties.

In the formal training session each week, students had to rehearse for the scenes. Memorizing lines from the script was the main focus at this phase. Challenges appeared when students had difficulty articulating certain words and 30 of them were even requested to dance together for 5 minutes. Thanks to the hardwork of students and the helpful guidance from our tutors Ms. Siu Yau and Jenny, students continually improved to such an extent that they could respond without hesitation, reacting swiftly and accurately to the stage directions.

All the interesting experiences and effort have proven worthwhile and invaluable to our students and teachers. Good show!



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