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Theme and Coach of each year

2010-11: Jarren
Theme: ‘Ka Chi’s Got Talents’

2011-12: Alison
Theme: ‘Be healthy, be positive and be energizer to others’

2012-13: Kelly
Theme: ‘Be Confident in Who God Created You to Be’’

2013-2014: Alison Friesen
Theme: Inspirational Journey of Learning English in Ka Chi

2014-2015: Naomi Stretch
Theme: We are all Geniuses

2015-2015: Shaylene Tomalty
Theme: Embrace Diversity in Love

When it comes to the most highlighted English activities in the whole year, Canadian Week is definitely one the spotlights. In the early March each year, a series of activities will be organized to host a team of Canadian students from Vanguard College. Thanks to the commitment and involvement of our teachers and students, the ‘Canadian Week’ is of no exception a time of great fun and joy for students from both nations. Here is a selection of images of the ‘Canadian Week’ in the past few years.

Welcome Football Match


To kick off a week full of exciting activities and events, the school held a football match to welcome the Canadians. Team Ka Chi played Team Canada. The match attracted lots of student spectators while they cheered for not only their schoolmates, but also the Canadians! Team Canada took the game 1-0 as the rest of the week unrolled.

football01 football02

Morning Assemblies

Every morning throughout the week, announcements were made in English by the students. Canadians also shared with us music and dances on stage with the ideas of following God and staying away from the devil, and how God sacrificed himself to salvage the world. Drama also served as an effective medium of communication among students across different language backgrounds.

morning01 Morning02


F.6 Day Trips

Groups of Ka Chi students from F. 6 took the Canadians out on a tour of Hong Kong. Being the host, our group of F.5 and 6 students can’t wait to share with the Canadians the interesting facets of Hong Kong. Food? Sightseeing? Fashion? You name it! Our students designed a one-day tour and presented their itinerary to the Canadians. Places they visited included Cheung Chau, Hollywood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai, and the Avenue of Stars as they watched the light show along the stunning skyline of the Victoria Harbour.

Day Trip 1 Day Trip 2

Lunch Time Super Hosts


Lunch time was a special time for the Canadians as they went out to local cuisines with Ka Chi students. Each Canadian was accompanied by a group of students while interacting outside of school. Places that students took them to included but are not limited to a hot pot place, Dai Pai Dongs (popular eateries for Hong Kongers that is symbolic of this place), and a student’s home. We received positive feedbacks from the Canadians about the food choices the students made. This lunch-time programme created a relaxing atmosphere for the students and Canadians to mingle.

Lunch Photo 1
Lunch Photo 2

Religion Assembly


Canadians sang and danced to the music with lots of energy in front of the student body. They shared skits about how God made everyone different and related that to the week’s theme of talent. The Canadians also involved student participation while telling a story about how we could use our talents to help others. The students showed a good understanding of the English language as they were engaged in the assembly.

Religion Assembly 1 Religion Assembly 2

Coach: Alison

Eight Canadians from Vanguard College visited our school for one week to share with our students their points of view on the school theme ‘Be healthy, be positive and be energizer to others’ by participating in various kinds of activities, including ‘ One Day Hong Kong Tour’ , ‘Orienteering Competition’, ‘ Physical Gym’, ‘ Master Chef’ and ‘Religious Assembly’.

The ‘Canadian Week’ was definitely a time of great fun and a great joy for our students. More importantly, the motivation of learning English, the confidence of using English and the language proficiency of our students were enhanced. Here is a selection of images of the ‘Canadian Week’.

Day trips

Being the host, our group of F.5 and 6 students can’t wait to share with the Canadians the interesting facets of Hong Kong. Food? Sightseeing? Fashion? You name it! Our students designed a one-day tour and presented their itinerary to the Canadians. MongKok, Tsim Sha Tsui, the Avenue of Stars are all spotlights of the day.

Day Trip Photo1 Day Trip Photo2

Class Visits

Canadians visited different classes to share about their lives. Each Canadian portrayed different aspects of their culture.

Some of them did exercise; others played game, and even had a mini-drama with the Ka Chi students. All Students were excited about the extraordinary time spent with our foreign friends!

Throughout the week, Canadian students went to English classes from Forms 1 to 6 to interact with Ka Chi students. They encouraged the students to find their own strengths and weaknesses, and to come up with some games they would play in Canada, like ice hockey. During each class visit, Ka Chi students had the opportunity to learn more about the Canadian culture and our Canadian guests through small group talks. The Canadians brought pictures and stories from Canada to share with the students, and the students got to tell them about Hong Kong while practising their English.

Class Visit1 Class Visit2


It was such an amazing race! Divided into two teams, our students were striving for their very best in the orienteering competition. Not only did they lead the Canadians to make up themselves, they also interviewed primary school students in English. The fulfillment of different challenging tasks has proven the successful cooperation among our students and the Canadians.

Orienteering photo1 Orienteering photo 2

Master Chef

During lunch time, Canadians transfigured themselves into the master chefs! Dressing in apron and chef hat, Canadians prepared a fresh rockmelon fruit bowl with the instruction delivered by Ka Chi Students through a “manual” loudspeaker. These healthy dishes were then passed on to testers from and outside school. Yum Yum!

Master Chef photo 1 Master Chef photo 2

Physical Gym

Canadians seized every opportunity to energize our Ka Chi students. During lunch time, they organized group games like “What's the time, Mr. Fox?” and “Hong Kong, Canada and Ocean”. Students all enjoyed the time spent with the Canadians.

Physical Gym photo 1 Physical Gym photo 2

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