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2016-17 Canadian Week

The amazing Canadian Week, held between 10 and 16 March 2017, began with an avant-garde mime performance in the morning assembly which introduced our theme “Perseverance Brings the Joy of Excellence.” Afterward, our visiting Canadian friends sang the Canadian national anthem to commence the start of the week of exciting events at Ka Chi.

The jewel in the crown was “A Day Trip with Our Canadian Friends.” Through the creative ideas and brilliant itineraries designed by Ka Chi students, our Canadian friends enjoyed a wonderful, local Hong Kong experience. Congratulations are in order for all our teams which successfully presented their fantastic itineraries.

Throughout the week, we had several amusing live skit performances during the morning assembly time to promote our specially prepared activities. Each assembly was uniquely designed to give cues about the upcoming activities of the day. During our school assembly on Tuesday, we had a special game-show designed according to our special theme. Student representatives from the three houses combated through rounds of “New Faces @ Ka Chi Quiz-Show” and “The Ropes”. At the final round of the quiz-show, the team representatives must give their best strategies to provide answers for the questions while doing their best to avoid the “pie-face attack”. Everyone was captivated by the intense challenges, and each team surely demonstrated much perseverance throughout the contest!

Another highlight was the sport events during the Canadian Week. Students teamed up with our Canadian friends for the “Bubble Soccer Game” and challenged themselves to complete the high-event “Fly with a Dream on the Zipline”.

All in all, it had been a week of perseverance for both students and teachers, to complete such full-list of English activities. Yet, to see the fun and learning that took place along the way was surely a joy and a celebration of excellent effort.

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