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General Affair
I. School Time Arrangements
Basically, the school is adopting a ten-day cycle, with MI elective courses on Fridays. Except with special notifications, the general school time is as follows:

  • Opens at 7:30 a.m.
  • Students should arrive before 8:05 a.m.
  • Lunch time is from 13:00 to 14:05; Form 1 to Form 3 students have to take lunch at school, and students can join school activities after lunch.
  • School finishes at 15:45.
  • It students are late for school or do not submit homework, they are required to take part in the “Sunshine Group”.

II. Student identity cards
Students need to bring along their student identity cards to school. The card has two functions.
  • First: students’ identity
  • Second: to be used as library cards
The school will apply for student identity cards for the students. At the beginning of every semester, the school will hire a company to take photos for the students and 12 photos will be returned to students. If there is any loss or damage of student identity cards, students are required to re-apply for the student identity cards. Fees needed will be listed in the school circulars. If students do not take their student photos within the specified period, they have to hand in one photo in tidy school uniforms to the school for student identity card application.

III. School uniform supply

  • The specific school uniform contractor this year: Zenith Uniform Company.
  • Working hours:Monday - Saturday  11:30am - 6:30pm  ( Public Holiday & Sunday Off ) Tel:2426 0140
  • Parents and students have the rights to select any uniform companies or purchase uniforms on their own but they have to stick to the school regulations.
    (For further details please refer to the enclosed “Discipline Committee summer uniform circular” and the school uniform shown.) School badges and school ties can be purchased in the General Office.

IV. Using Octopus card to purchase snacks
The school provides the octopus purchase services for students’ convenience. Therefore, it is neither appropriate for parents to give a large amount of cash to students nor add enormous values to their octopus cards.

V. Privacy ordinances
A. Students who are studying or have graduated from the school (parents/ guardians concerned included) need to submit relevant information during the enrolment process.
B. All the private information collected from students/ parents/ guardians will be served for the following purposes:

  1. School place records;
  2. Academic affairs;
  3. Disciplinary affairs;
  4. Life-wide learning activities;
  5. Further study and career guidance;
  6. Value, civic and national education affairs;
  7. Student welfare affairs;
  8. Parents/ family education affairs;
  9. Other related education purposes.

C. The information of students/ parents/ guardians will be kept confidential. Yet according to practical needs (and if necessary) the school will provide relevant information to:

  • Education Bureau and the subordinated departments: for examples, district branch office, Guidance Inspectorate, Career Guidance Group, etc.
  • The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (for public examination application…);
  • Health institutions (for example, the emergency room of hospitals…);
  • Other departments/ institutions concerned
D. According to the ordinances, any students who are studying and have been graduated (parents/ guardians concerned included):
  • has the right to know if the school possesses his/her information or to check the relevant information;
  • has the right to correct the information if he/she thinks the information is incorrect;
  • has the right to be informed of the policies and practical usages of the information.
  • has the right to be informed of the categories of the personal information owned by the school.
E. For further information on any of these policies, please contact the vice principals of PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School.
  • Address: 273 Wu Chui Road Tuen Mun N.T.
  • Contact no.: 24413818
  • Fax no.: 24048394
VI. Campus Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Guidance
The school is committed to the school hygiene for the sake of the members’ health. Please refer to the Campus Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Guidance set by the government.

VII. Fees of emergency rooms
  1. Parents should pay attention to the emergency rooms’ fees.
  2. When students arrive at the Emergency rooms in public hospitals, the medical staff will offer their professional medical treatments to the students.
  3. Students will be given a piece of “Payment Notification Letter”. If payment is not due immediately, students and their parents can pay the bills later.
  4. Patients who have financial difficulties can use the existing reduction mechanism and apply for the reduction or exemption of the medical fees from the health affairs social workers.
  5. Definitions of emergency - Emergency refers to those patients who are in need of immediate care or otherwise handicap or death may be caused. For examples:
    a. Head damage, unconsciousness and nausea
    b. Sudden and acute stomachache and chest pain
    c. Overdose of drugs or poison
    d. Severe bleeding or non-stop bleeding areas
    e. Being unconscious
    f. Fracture and dislocation
    g. Suffocation and breath difficulties
    h. Large burnt areas
  6. In case of accidents, students have to be sent to Emergency rooms, the school will inform and consult the parents immediately to ensure the students in need obtain timely Emergency room services.

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