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Contingency Measures

I  Students injured in accidents

A. Students injured in school by accidents should be sent to the medical room for observation and rest whenever possible. The school will inform the parents of the current situations. When necessary, parents can pick their children up from the school.

B. If the students are in serious conditions, the school will resort help from the ambulances for urgent treatments while informing the parents. As the emergency rooms are implementing the new charging system, the parents should pay attention to the fee items. (for further details please refer to the General Affairs VII Fees of emergency rooms)

C. If students are in grave situation, the school may inform the police through the 999 system.

II  Tropical cyclone and heavy persisted rain arrangements

A. Under tropical cyclone and heavy persisted rain (the Hong Kong Observatory hoists Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No. 8 / No. 8 or above, Red or Black Rain Signals), and the Education Bureau has made announcements of school suspension before school, students should stay at home. Once the announcements are made, the sessions left are not to resume regardless of any weather changes.

B. If the Education Bureau makes announcements of suspension during school time, the lessons are to continue. If the situations are safe, the school will announce school suspension and students can return home alone.

  1. There is no need for parents to pick up their children under heavy rain. If the school does not make announcements of school suspension, staying at school will be the safest.
  2. If the Education Bureau makes announcements of school suspension during school time, the school will permit students to return home under safe and suitable situations. It is not necessary to pick up the students.
  3. If the school makes the decision of finishing the school days earlier, the school will announce on the school website and inform registered parents through SMS of the news.
  4. If the school does not make announcements of school suspension, it means staying at school will be the safest. And teachers will continue their lessons as normal. If the parents are still worried, please send legal guardians to register at school in person and pick up their children.

C. If the Hong Kong Observatory issues the Red and Black Rain Signals during school time, the school:

  1. will not finish the lessons earlier and all students will not leave until the end of the normal school hours. And the school will ensure the conditions are safe before allowing students to return home.
  2. strongly discourages parents to pick up their children without the school’s announcement of school suspension except for special reasons and in the presence of legal guardians, since this behavior is threatening the parents’ safety and seriously affect the students’ studies. The parents should cooperate fully.
  3. will announce on the school website and through SMS to registered parents on the leaving time in the afternoon.
  4. will make special lunch arrangements for safety reasons, and students are able to buy food at the tuck shop. And the school will allow enough time for students to buy food. And all class teachers will stay in classrooms and take care of the students. The tuck shop will be providing basic food such as bread, lunch boxes and noodles. The parents please be considerate about the inadequacy of types and tastes of the food for the sake of safety and understand this is the only feasible means the school can act.
  5. suggests that parents should give a small amount of money to students for contingencies as there are actual needs for students to use money.  Some students express that they are not able to buy food as they don’t have money with them.
  6. The students can remind teachers of the lack of money and the teachers will help students maximally to resolve the problems such as lending money to the students.

D. If the students have left home for school prior to the announcements the Education Bureau, then

  1. they can stay at school.
  2. ask the parents’ opinions and return home alone with parents consents.
  3. the students should stay at school if the situation is bad, and be monitored by teachers until the situation becomes safe.
  4. the students should register their names and leaving time.

E. If examinations and uniform tests are in coincidence with school suspension, the examinations and tests will be postponed one day. Other details will be issued later. If the school suspension is on the last examination or test day, the examinations or tests will be taken after school resumption.

III  Special situation measures

Under some special and urgent situations such as fire, main drainage bursting, gas leakage, unknown gas which leads to mass discomfort and the school has to be closed temporarily, students have to retreat from school areas as well.  Please ensure the students know where they should go in case nobody is at home.  Student safety is the main concern for the school. The contingency measure group will make appropriate arrangements according to the situation to ensure students’ safety. Parents should cooperate with the school and urge the students to obey instructions from the school and teachers.

IV  Parents please refer to the Healthy Campus Policy on the school website for details.
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